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GlobeQuest Travel Club knows that travelers want to spend as little time at airports as possible, so they have compiled a set of tips to aid travelers in dealing expediently with airport situations.

GlobeQuest Travel Club understands that with all of the conveniences that flying brings to vacationers, there are plenty of minor annoyances that they may have to deal with. To better help these travelers on vacation, GlobeQuest Travel Club is recommending that travelers go over the following suggestions, as they book flights and plan their vacation destinations.

GlobeQuest Travel Club recommends that vacationers do some research about their airlines before packing.  Airline regulations vary from airline to airline in regards to dealing with luggage dimensions and carry-on specifications. The last thing a vacationer wants is to be told their luggage is not the right size, or has too many pieces of luggage and must downsize it all. It would be a nightmare to have to sort through packed suitcases in the middle of a busy airport. Having to do so would be incredibly time to consume…time that could cause a traveler to miss their flight and delay their vacation. By researching airline regulations days in advance, travelers will be able to zip right through baggage check-in.

Another airport tip that GlobeQuest Travel Club has for vacationers is to arrive well before the scheduled departure. Along the way to the terminal, delays do happen, and no one wants to be rushed during their first few hours of vacation. Feeling rushed can lead to anxiety and stress, two feelings that should be far removed from a vacation state-of-mind. So it is wise plan for delays, and try to arrive at the airport with plenty of time ahead of the scheduled departure.

In regards to carry-on bags, GlobeQuest Travel Club suggests that vacationers bring along some key items that are oftentimes overlooked while packing. An essential item that is recommended is a sleeping mask. A sleeping mask lets the passenger block out sunlight and artificial light, helping them nap a bit during the flight. To further aid the traveler falling asleep, ear buds are also suggested to be brought along. The ear buds can be used to muffle the engine sounds of the airplane or people talking. Of course, they can also be used with a music player to play some quiet music to assist in dozing off.

GlobeQuest Travel Club recommends that comfortable socks and shoes be worn when flying. Some travelers will experience swelling in their feet due to the varying altitudes when flying. By wearing comfortable socks and loose-fitting shoes, people can keep from feeling discomfort in their feet during the flight.

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